Sunday, November 02, 2008

Scenes from a Marathon (part 1)

Really, I'm just too lazy to look at, sort, and upload pictures I took this year during the Marine Corps Marathon. Quick summary:
- It took me 6 hours and 16 minutes. It's not bad for a last minute crammed in training schedule.
- My leg cramped up a couple of times
- More hilly on the new course
- Nice weather. Took me 5 miles to warm up but it was a good day for a marathon.

One down, one to go. Maybe for Memphis, I'll upload more pictures.

Okay, really, I just have one picture. It's Teddy Roosevelt. He passed me just after mile 17. I passed in around mile 24. My last Teddy Roosevelt sighting was at mile 25. Yeah, dude did the marathon in costume. That is just bloody well amazing. For more details on "Teddy Roosevelt", see the wiki post.

Teddy Roosevlet in the Marine Corps Marathon 2008

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Javajem said...

COngrats on finishing the marathon! That is fantastic!! I can't believe he ran as Teddy! How hot was it!?