Sunday, February 24, 2008

Life being random

It is hockey season and that means time for adventures. The first interesting event happened on a NJ Transit train. We had a bunch of Cornell alums (and 1 former Dartmouth band member) drunk on a train in front of us. We had a group of local NJ kids hop on the train and sit directly behind us. At some point, the drunken Cornell alums start belting out Aerosmith's "Don't Want to Miss a Thing" and the drunken locals start singing along behind us. It was bizarre, it was entertaining. We'd always wondered what life would be like if life were like a musical and this gave us a taste. They worked through a few other songs and entertained us quite a bit. Finally, one of the conductors had to put a stop to it cuz as he was walking up, the drunken D alum was being told that his fly was open so he was taunting everyone about whipping it out...All fun must come to an end, I guess.

Then on the way home today, I got on the train and found a seat. Then a guy walks up and asks if the seat next to me is taken. I look at him and thinks he looks really familiar, except that he has a Penn shirt on. The Penn shirt threw me off cuz I thought that he was another Cornell alum hockey fan that I knew. As the train passing Philadelphia and we're both finally awake, I finally ask who he is and then two of us end up feeling silly cuz we're both sitting there thinking the other person looks really familiar and it turned out it was cuz we did know each other! And of course, we each go to one game this weekend but different ones. He's sitting there going, "You weren't at Q!" and I'm going "Why weren't you at Princeton?"

Sometimes, the world is full of interesting surprises. Oh, and I did catch a good U2 coverband Saturday night and got some meat off a street vendor.

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Chris said...

I am never surprised by the actions of hockey fans any more... I think it's the chemical make up of a hockey brain that just makes it unique.

That added to the combination of an NJT train created, what I can only suppose, was a Twilight Zonish experience.

Miss you guys!!