Friday, July 07, 2006

Back on the bike again

It's like that saying about getting back on the bike...gee, I wish I could remember. Anyways, it's July and it's time for le Tour de France. For the last couple of years, in July, I start to obsessively watch le Tour. I only started watching yesterday (instead of July 1st) because I only got tv back yesterday. Tomorrow morning: Individual time trial. Yeah baby!
So I went bike riding after work today with some people from work, including my boss. Rosslyn to Old Town and back. I gotta tell ya, all those cycling classes I took in the last 3 years really came in handy! I'm not too sore yet but I guess I'll know for sure tomorrow. My upper back is sore cuz of the time spent hunched over. I even have the marks on my leg to show you of my biking adventure. Not bad for the first time on a bike in 10+ years.

Activities for the evening: today's Tour de France highlights and the Peacock Feathers shawl. I'm finishing up chart 5. Whee!!!!!!!!!

Then sleep for tomorrow morning's ITT! When are we gonna get to some mountains???

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